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Real Helpful Videos

We appreciate you and your beautiful curls!

We at Be My Curl want to thank you for choosing us and for putting your trust in us with your curly hair. We know there are so many other products to choose from and we are beyond grateful that you are deciding to join our Be My Curl family! We are always here to help you in every way on your curly hair journey. Feel free to go through our helpful videos on this page.

If you feel that you need more personalized guidance after watching our videos, you can always reach out to us at — we can't wait to meet you and your curls!

Our desire is to share as many helpful curly hair tips as we can so that you can create the best personalized curly hair care routine that is smooth, simple and flawless!

Introducing Be My Curl

How to style your curls at home - Hair Tutorial ( All Curl Types)

How to style your curls at home - Wavy to Curly Hair Tutorial

How to style your curls at home - Curly to Coily Hair Tutorial

How to Achieve Healthy & Defined Curls in Minutes  


Professional Hair Stylist Reveals Easy 3 Step Curly Hair Styling Routine


Learn How to Style Tight Curls Like a Pro - Simplified Beginner Tutorial

Beginner Hair Tutorial: How To Style All Hair Textures Easily and Quickly 

POWERFUL Testimonial: How Kiara Achieved Healthy and Easy Frizz Free Hair Styling with Be My Curl


How I Got The Most Perfect & Frizz Free Curls with Be My Curl! | Kathy Testimonial


Danielle Testimonial: Her Journey to Frizz Free and Easy Styling with Be My Curl


Take a look at our Curly Hair Struggles - Be My Curl Testimonials