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Why Your Curly Hair Needs Be My Curl

Curly Hair Can Be Confusing!

“The world of curly hair care is a bit of a minefield, to say the least.”  

Let’s be honest, our goal as curly girls is to achieve beautiful definition, shine, and bounce without all the frustrating inconvenience of 20 step routines we see on Instagram and TikTok.

Why Be My Curl?

Be My Curl Founder & Hair Stylist of over 20+ years, Joseph Boro, formulated and tested his line of Be My Curl products on hundreds of curly heads across the globe over the years. All in an effort  to ensure all curl types are nurtured effortlessly along their Natural Hair/ Healthy Hair Journey. 

So regardless of your texture, porosity, or curl concerns, this line will work for you every single time. 

It can become costly to follow product recommendations and trends online. Instead, you need a product line with proven all natural ingredients and raving reviews from fellow curly headed clients all over the world! We have done all the work so you don’t have to, styling should never take more than 10 minutes, if it does, you're overcomplicating it. Let Be My Curl simplify your life.

Did we mention we also like to save you money while providing breathtaking results? That’s right save money whenever you order Be My Curl Products by using the discount code: CURLS.

What is Be My Curl?

All four products in the line are made with organic, all-natural ingredients (Curly Girl Method Approved), that will impart beautiful results from the very first use

We make and keep one promise to every curly head of hair out there, each time you use these products you will have soft, defined, touchable curls. Talk about #RelationshipGoals

Step 1: Seal The Deal Deep Conditioning Mask

The Be My Curl Seal The Deal Mask is the only deep conditioner you will ever need. An intensively moisturizing treatment formulated with  amazing ingredients like Cocoa Butter (nourishes the scalp and strengthens the hair shaft), Chamomile (restores vibrancy and strengthens hair), and Lemon Balm (helps balance/refresh hair and scalp), all of which, will make dry/brittle hair, split ends & breakage a thing of the past!

Apply to freshly cleansed hair and leave on for 15-20 minutes to see and feel a silky soft finish. The mesmerizing supple sheen is thanks to our secret ingredient, Broccoli Seed Oil! Which is known to add moisturizing fatty acids (repairing) and vitamins that are essential to healthy hair growth. 

The first step to healthy curls are making sure those curls are properly moisturized. Our deep conditioner is formulated to penetrate deep into the hair strand to hydrate and moisturize hair from the inside out. 

Step 2 : The Mane Squeeze Leave- In Primer

When it comes to styling your natural tresses remember two main keys that every mane needs; Hydration & Hold.

The Mane Squeeze Leave-In Primer fulfills the first requirement; Hydration. What hydrates your hair and body? Water.

Did you know any effective Leave-In Conditioner (like ours) will always list water as the first or second ingredient in the product formulation?  Did you also know that Aloe Vera is the only other substance besides water that can hydrate the hair? 

Our Mane Squeeze Leave-In Primer contains not only water, but Aloe Vera (over 98% water)as well! Your parched tresses will receive all the moisture they need to fight against frizz and pesky fly-aways. Always remember to style on soaking wet hair for best results!

Special ingredients like Flaxseed Oil and Argan Oil help seal the cuticle layer to ensure a frizz-free, shiny finish. Not to mention Flaxseed Oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids which are fantastic for hair repair, growth, and resistant to split ends and breakage.

Step 3 - To Have & To Hold Gel And/Or Let’s Get Kinky Hydrating Gel

Once you have all the moisture you need, your hair needs a gel to provide hold for your style. You don’t want your curls going flat and limp on day 2 do you? Since we cater to all curl types, of course we have two options for you in the Hold Department

For Wavy to Curly hair types, we present the To Have & To Hold Hydrating Gel. Made with organic ingredients such as Chamomile, Kiwi, and Hydrolyzed Quinoa this gel will provide light hold to give you soft, touchable, defined results. Kiwi is known to be full of Zinc, which can help hair grow, prevent hair loss, and prevent dandruff! Hydrolyzed Quinoa increases the hair strand’s ability to hold and retain moisture, increasing days between styles. To Have & To Hold Gel offers a soft to medium hold.

For Curly to Coily hair types, we present the Let’s Get Kinky Hydrating Gel, a crowd favorite! This hydrating gel contains water as the first ingredients (hydrating), as well as other organic gems like Aloe Vera, Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, and Hydrolyzed Quinoa Protein. When it comes to maintaining your delicate tresses, remember your hair takes damage (from manipulation like brushing, chemical processes such as coloring, straightening, etc) Hydrolyzed Proteins are a must. They repair any hair damage sustained by increasing shine, moisture retention, and hair length. All while encouraging new hair growth. This is why we say three steps is all it takes to truly love your crown. 

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